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In-Line Skate Organizer


(Patent No. 6,478,169 B2)

For ordering, questions, or comments concerning the Inline-Skate Organizer, please contact exclusive dealer R.L. Bodeker and Sons.

Main Office: 651-452-0377



4 shelf $1,535.7331" W x 60 1/4 " L x 63 1/2" H

3 shelf $1254.5431" W x 60 1/4" L x 47 3/4" H

2 shelf $940.9131" W x 60 1/4" L x 31 3/4" H

*prices are subject to change

This is the cart of the century for organized in-line skate enthusiasts. Schools, skating rinks, skate parks, YMCA's, Roller Domes, Roller Hockey teams, and any other organization involved in in-line skating will love the efficiency of this cart.

This cart was designed to compliment the Skate In School program developed by Rollerblade & NASPE.

  • Organizes and stores 44 pairs of in-line skates (on a mobile 4 shelf cart)

  •  A 3 shelf (33 pair) and 2 shelf (22 pair) in-line skate cart are also available for order

  •  Most brand name skates will fit, including Roller Hockey, Aggressive, and many others

  •  Mobile means just that...wheel your entire in-line skate inventory to and from your store room and your destination

  •  Fits through most 36" door openings

  •  Access skates from all 4 sides

  •  In-line skates are neatly aligned, side by side, and organized by number

  •  Reduces class set up time as well as skate rack up time when the class has ended

  •  No more setting skates along the gym walls

  •  Saves wear and tear on skates

  •  Increases student participation time

  •  No more misplaced right and left skates

  •  Students can place their shoes right where their skates were to maintain organization

  •  Provides easy inventory checks

  •  Constructed of welded steel and HDPE shelves

  •  Entire cart is powder coat painted

  •  Approximate weight of 4-shelf unit is 220 pounds

  •  The 2 and 3-shelf units each weight approximately 155 pounds

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Reduces class set up time so students can get right to skating.

Special note to Physical Education teachers

Be sure to research the possibility of using your school's capital equipment purchases budget. Also, there are numerous opportunities to receive grant money both locally and nationally. Parent groups may also have a budget to help with equipment costs.

Tel: 651-454-1463

Tel 651-452-0377

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